Skeleton Intersections (ImageJ plugin)


Skeleton Intersections is a free ImageJ plugin for detecting the intersections in a skeletonized binary image. The plugin functions as follows:

  1. Take an 8-bit binary input image, which is assumed to be skeletonized (e.g., by using the built-in ImageJ tool Binary / Skeletonize).
  2. Find pixels that have at least three 8-connected pixels (using a 3x3 neighborhood).
  3. Apply homotopic marking to delete all but one local intersecting pixel (done using Hit-or-miss transform).
  4. Generate and display an additional pseudo-colored result image showing an overlay of the intersection locations using red color.
  5. Append a row to the Results table containing the number of detected intersections.

Skeleton Intersections is based on the prof. Gabriel Landini's extensive Morphology plugin collection, which is available freely (however, this plugin does not require the Morphology collection to be installed).



Download (version 1.0, 24.5.2010, source included)

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